Our Puppy Philosophy

Our puppies are born in our home and spend their entire puppyhood with us.  Even before their eyes are opened, we spend time touching them and speaking to them.  We gently prepare them during this very crucial time, so they are willing to be handled when they are old enough to have an opinion about it.  When they get older, we take them on outings to the store, the vet and to parks so they can be handled by strangers and learn to respect all people.  We want them to be able to go to the vet or groomer or boarder and innately think of them as their best friend allowing them to do anything they need to do to them.

We focus on early puppy education. CLICK HERE to learn about the work we do with your puppy.  We teach your puppy how to learn and instill in your puppy an overwhelming desire to please you.  We believe  strongly in this important investment in our puppies, because we want to do everything we can to assure they have a happy life and give their family the joy that only a loyal friend can give.

Our puppies will sit next to you on the sofa to be pet for hours while you watch TV or surf.  They will play fetch until they are so tired they can hardly stand.  They will entertain you with the most intelligent antics and bring you such joy.  You will be able to proudly show off your dog to others, because they will want to please you and will obey your requests.

We offer you personal support for the life of your Shiba. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you just text, email or call. We answer right away. We have years of experience and want only for your happiness and the happiness of your Shiba. Whether it is adjusting to the new puppy at home, or a health or training question, we have the answer and we will step you through the solution.

If you have any questions, please ask!
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