Compare Us to the Local Pet Stores

    Petstore   Us
Puppy’s Parents
Parents pass genetic health testing   no   yes
Parents’ quality proven (champion or grand champion)   no   yes
AKC registration   maybe   yes
How Puppy is Raised
born and raised   puppy mill   in our home
Crate/kennel confinement raised   yes   no
Early neurological stimulation   no   yes
Lives indoors with family   no   yes
Socialized with other animals   no   yes
Socialized with people   no   yes
Taught how to learn   no   yes
Taught to want to please you   no   yes
Daily desensitization   no   yes
Weekly nail clipping   no   yes
Taught how to bathe   no   yes
What is included
Puppy’s blanket that has been with mom   no   yes
Puppy’s favorite toys   no   yes
High quality kibble and canned food   no   yes
Puppy’s vaccination schedule   no   yes
Health care information   maybe   yes
Puppy’s pedigree   no   yes
AKC registration   maybe   yes
Microchip   maybe   yes
Crate trained   they live in crates   yes
Car trained   no   yes
Potty trained   no   yes
Leash trained   no   yes
Comes when called   no   yes
Sits on command   no   yes
Stands on table   no   yes
Water trained   no   yes
Dremel experience   no   yes
Included Health Care
Vaccinations   maybe   yes
Veterinarian health exam and certification   no   yes
OFA certified eye exam by a canine ophthalmologist   no   yes
Fecal parasite test   no   yes
Short Term Guarantees
Hip Dysplacia   no   yes
Eye Disease   no   yes
Heart Disease   no   yes
Long Term Guarantees
Hip Dysplacia   no   2 years
Glaucoma   no   2 years
Congenital Deafness   no   2 years
Congenital Heart Disease   no   2 years
Refund only if Dog dies due to a genetic disease that the store’s vet is able to diagnose as the explicit cause.   1 year   no
Personal support for any issue for the lifetime of your pet   no   yes
Price   $2,000+   inquire
This comparison doesn’t include the overall appearance nor the temperament of the puppies. With us, your puppy’s parents or grand parents were imported from Japan offering that primal, exotic look of a genuine Shiba Inu. That look that has been bred out through generations of bad breeding at puppy mills. Moreover, your puppy will have a wonderful temperament. You will meet the parents and purchase with confidence that there are no aggression or shyness issues to be concerned about.